Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My dream house…. Is MY house….

As we drift into October, and the last days of summer really are leaving us, an amazing fact dawned on me one evening.

I was in the kitchen, back doors wide open, food cooking, wine poured, glorious sunset, kids in the garden and then it hit me….

My dream house is actually MY house.  Here.  Right here. With my wee family.

It’s our home, our safe haven, our port in a storm and is generally filled with love, laughter and happiness (but sometimes we all fight and the kids get told off and it’s a huge MESS, but if that didn’t happen it would be WEIRD)

Here are my top 10 things I LOVE about our house:

1 – Who I share it with
2 – Our kitchen is big enough for dancing
3- Our garden is big enough for bike riding, hula hooping and basketball (though not all at once) and its not overlooked
4 – After YEARS of on road parking, damaged wing mirrors and musical cars we have a DRIVEWAY!
5 – We have a front garden complete with fairy ring (well almost!)

6 – Did I mention the bi-folds?!

7 – Our lounge is a family space that quickly becomes a grown-up sanctuary in the evening and is cosy cosy in the winter with the wood burner.
8 – We have an en-suite – no falling over toys in the shower, or Miss Bags stealing my lotions and potions!
9 – The playroom/kids room  - a place they can play and make messes
10 – The kitchen island and wine fridge!

Hoping your home is your sanctuary too......

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