Sunday, 27 October 2013

Batten Down The Hatches

Here on the South Coast, we are no stranger to inclement weather; think the Great Storm of 1987, the Selsey tornadoes, all that snow and more recently the tornado that hit Hayling Island on 20th October.

Here in the Crummy Household we have our fair share of weather experience, from heavy snowfall, ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, electrical storms, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and glorious sunshine - because not all weather is bad weather!

Today we are currently under a Met Office Amber Weather Warning for wind; and we are watching the forecast with mild apprehension to see where this storm will hit, and how bad it might be.

It's being called the St Jude's Day storm, because it will hit tomorrow, St Jude's Day.

We have battened down our hatches..... all garden pots, furniture, toys and things have been safely stowed.  We have candles in case the power goes out, we've set the fire ready - and all we can do now is wait it out and hope its not as bad as the Met Office are predicting.

I shall try to resist the temptation to hide in the cupboard under the stairs - a too close for comfort experience with a tornado when I lived in Charlotte, NC has left me terrified of the wind  - and I sincerely hope everyone here on the South Coast stays safe.... ♥♥♥

The calm before the storm......

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