Monday, 27 April 2015

Return to the blogosphere

It's over a year since I last blogged.  It just kind of fell out of the routine of things.  I had work issues and time issues (and probably more issues than I care to admit!), but I find blogging - and getting things "out there" cathartic and I really enjoy writing.

I love following other blogs, Mummy Blogs (mlogs?!), Techie Blogs, Crafty Blogs, Foodie Blogs... and you can see I have updated my links to Blogs I Love.  I'm inspired by other blogs such as The Unmumsy Mum, and the ones on Scary Mommy.  More recently a friend of mine who has 8 month old twins, and two other gorgeous children has started a blog.... you can catch her at reallifemammy.  Reading her words reminded me that I have a blog that has been untouched and unloved for a year or more.

I'm going to make a return to the blogosphere.

Watch this space.