Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Summer Bucket List

As I seem to have lists about lists at the moment, and in keeping with what seems to be a blogging tradition, I have been inspired to create a Summer Bucket List for the Crummy Household.

The purpose of this is twofold….

…."Mum, I’m bored” can be met with “Let’s do something on the bucket list!”


We make sure that we don’t fritter away our summer wasting time on that great British pastime of “pottering”. 

Not that pottering isn’t good once in a while, in fact I have accomplished a lot of the daily niff-naff and trivia that blights my daily life (cleaning out the fridge, damp-dusting the skirting boards and organising the toys) during a day spent pottering – but I would hate for the whole summer to pass us by….

“What summer?” I hear you cry…

Given that we have just had a month’s worth of rain in the last 24 hours, and there is no respite in sight, we could be forgiven for thinking that our summer has been and gone…… It’s a cruel, cruel summer and all that!   Which is why it’s all the more important to get up and go on those rare, fleeting, British summer days!

I’m not suggesting that this is a rigid to do list, or that each item can only be completed once, no – this is a Summer Wish List for 2012 to inspire us to live more, and laugh more!

After all, like life itself, “Summer’s lease has far too short a date….” (W.Shakespeare)

Things to do this summer with (or without) the weans!

*        BBQ
*        Go to Portchester Castle, and climb to the top of the keep
*        Walk in Hundred Acres
*        Zip-loc Painting (thanks Em!)
*        Have Afternoon Tea (home-made, or at a restaurant, with or without Champers!)
*        Meet friends for dinner
*        PYO Strawberries
*        Visit the New Forest (to see the ponies and picnic)
*        Go to the cinema
*        Watch some of the Olympics on TV
*        Dance in the rain
*        Have a waterfight
*        Send postcards
*        Drinks on the deck at sunset
*        Jump in “Muddy Puddles”

*        Visit Peppa Pig World
*        Go to the zoo
*        Go to the beach
*        Go swimming
*        Paddle in the ocean
*        Have a movie night
*        Have a picnic (indoor or outdoor)
*        Fingerpaint
*        Lifesize self portraits
*        Miss Bags to make a shoebox memory box for big-school
*        Teach Miss Bags to ride her bike without stabilisers
*        Make and play with Gloop
*        Create family footprints
*        Take LOTS of photos
*        Do some gardening
*        Take the Wilburbeast out on the back of our bikes
*        Do some planespotting (at the airport en route to our holiday in Spain)
*        Fill the photoframe (you know which one I mean, crummy hubby!!)
*        Make a Summer 2012 family scrapbook
*        Have a pub lunch (maybe here, or here?)
*        Enjoy and appreciate every second…..

Happy Summer everyone……