Thursday, 13 September 2012

First day at School

Well the time has finally come!  From the filling in of the “Application for a Place in Year R”, to the anxious wait to find out which school Miss Bags would be going to, to her last day at Pre-School, Miss Bags has started Big School!

As any mother knows, I have mixed feelings about this…. Miss Bags was completely unfazed by her last day at Pre-School last week; in fact it was I who was crying in the carpark!  She is so grown up, and independent, and matter of fact.  She takes everything in her stride….. In her own words she said to me, “Mummy, it’s actually my last day at Buttercups, then we are going to see Granny and Grumpy, and then I start Big School, and then it will be Christmas – I am going to be so busy!”

She is almost a million miles away from the shy two year old who started pre-school 19 months ago; and yet she is still my baby girl.

She is so ready for the challenges, excitement and opportunity that Big School brings, and yet when I look at her, she is still so small.  Part of me wants to hold her close, and never let her go out into that big wide scary world, but conversely part of me is longing to see her grow and change and become, well, my big girl!

So as I waved her off into her classroom yesterday morning (dump and run is the best approach for me when dropping her off – especially as it’s me who is likely to be sobbing uncontrollably and not Miss Bags!), her in her red uniform, in her shiny new shoes, clutching her book bag; and me with tears glistening in my eyes clutching Crummy Hubby’s hand, I know that she will love every second of school.  I know that she will make new friends, and learn new things and generally have the time of her life!  And I?  Well, I will have to get used to the fact that my wee girl is growing up, and savour every second of her journey.  As Miss Bags herself said, “I am going to be so busy!”