Monday, 28 October 2013

Lovely Yarn-y Things!

I do have to feel sorry for Crummy Hubby at times. I have a huge pile of unfinished craft projects (mostly involving yarn, or thread) and I flit from unfinished project to unfinished project, not really making any tangible progress on any of them!  Like my shoe collection, the yarn is taking over the house!

So far I have:

A half finished Happy Happy House Sampler (from the April 2012(!) issue of Cross Stitcher magazine.

An unfinished patchwork quilt – started in September 2012.  It’s all sewn together, just needs quilting (if you see what I mean!)

Many unfinished cross stitch designs – one of which I started before Miss Bags was born in 2008!

Granny Squares that need to be sewn together.

My take on the Attic24 Christmas Wreath (all my bits need sewing on – think I should maybe get on with that!)

Infinity Scarf from Issue 11 of Simply Crochet

And totally not yarn-y at all – Decopatch Christmas Baubles and Paint Your Own Ceramic Decorations (bought to do with Miss Bags – again think I might be up against it with that one!)

Now the weather has closed in and the nights are darker, I’m looking forward to making concrete progress with all of these projects, cosied up in front of the fire after the weans are in bed!


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