Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Where did 2013 go!?!

I cannot believe that I have not blogged for  8 months….. EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS.  I can practically grow a whole person in that time!
Here’s a whistle stop tour of events in the Crummy household….
·         Miss Bags continued in Year R at school and LOVED it!
·         The Wilburbeast is in a big bed
·         Our extension is complete
·         We had a leak, a hole in the ceiling, and now our downstairs is all decorated and bee-yoo-ti-ful – thanks to our Home Insurance!
·         I’m still out of my Slimming World Target range and really need to stop eating!
·         We had a great holiday in Spain again – no poo on the plane this time – but plenty of Trunki Racing at the airport!
·         I was GLUED to Airport Live on the BBC – so proud to work for NATS
·         We had a trip to Legoland and a great time was had by all
And now…. the summer is over, so glad the weather was great!  It’s back to school tomorrow for Miss Bags.  She will be resplendent in her new clean uniform and it will last all of two weeks when once again, I shall be despairing of ever removing any stains ever again from her uniform!

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