Thursday, 19 September 2013

Don't touch the hair!

Yesterday the Wilburbeast reached that milestone that all mummies of little boys dread. 

The First Haircut.  
The Cutting Off Of The Baby Hair. 
The Shearing Of The Baby Curls.
Call it what you will, and I know it applies to girls as well, and I KNOW some mothers HAVE to cut their precious wee one's hair early on but it's a rite of passage that I was not looking forward to....
The Wilburbeast is 2 years and 4 months old.  He had beautiful, soft blond baby curls, that curled around his ears and and well over his collar.  His wispy fringe was in his eyes..... and he was mistaken for a girl.  Twice.  In the same hour!  (Yep, in a T-Shirt with his NAME emblazoned on it FGS!)  Well, that was the last straw especially as Crummy Hubby has been on at me for well over a year to get the Wilburbeast's hair cut, even threatening to take him himself!

With a family photoshoot looming on the horizon, and after the girl incident I realised I needed to man-up about the hair cutting business.

Luckily I have a fab, brilliant and VERY understanding friend, Emily.  She mentioned she was taking her girls to get their hair cut before aforementioned photoshoot, and would we like to join them.  Miss Bags had her first haircut with Emily and her girls too so it seemed fitting.

The hairdressers we go to is called Cuts n Clobber and it is BRILLIANT.  They have cars and bikes and big girl/boy seats for the children to sit in with DVD players and TVs at every seat so the children can watch Peppa, Fireman Sam or whatever takes their fancy while they get their hair cut.  Did I mention the clips, sparkle spray and biscuits???  Brilliant.

We arrived and settled in to watch 4 children get their hair cut. The Wilburbeast didn't seem overly concerned until it actually came to his turn.  He cried, he struggled and he yelled.  Then we realied he didn't want to wear the gown..... Clearly a bit TOO girlie!  The hairdresser was excellent, despite his wriggling, and his constant twisting round to see what Miss Bags was up to she gave him a beautful haircut.  They collected up all of his beautiful curls, took his picture and give me a certificate for posterity.

My baby boy (for they are BOTH my babies) still has, I am pleased to report, beautiful, soft blond baby hair, with just a wee hint of a curl!

This morning when we got up and I attempted to brush his hair he said "No Mummy, don't touch the hair!" 

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