Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Week One of the 5:2 diet complete

I am pleased to report that as of yesterday morning I am 1.5lb lighter than I was last week!

I fasted (consumed no more than 500 kcal) Monday and Thursday of last week, and ate freely for the rest of the time. I also did an exercise DVD twice and went for my Sunday morning run (well more of a run/walk/jump over the HUGE puddles while shrieking this week!)

I must admit I used the “eat freely” statement to my advantage and my “normal” eating was one of a crazed crisp addicted person! I did pig out a bit on my feast days, where I probably shouldn’t have!

On Friday, I had Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for breakfast, then for elevenses a Costa Chai Latte (skinny) and a gingerbread man, and for lunch I had two ham rolls and crisps. I also had a Burns Night Supper, with a lot of Haggis, Neeps, Tatties, Cream Sauce, wine (a whole bottle for me) and a wee dram all followed with Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Christmas cake and crisps! Whoops.

Saturday was not much better on the alcohol and crisp front. Double Whoops. According to My Fitness Pal I ate more then 3000 calories on Friday alone. LOTS of whoops!

On Sunday, we had friends over had toast with butter for breakfast, Spag Bol (cooked SW style) Salad (with Avocados and Olives), ½ a bottle of wine, 3 mini bread rolls with butter, Pizza Express Light House dressing on my salad, parmesan and a portion of pudding! For tea I had an Uncle Ben’s sweet and sour rice time. So Sunday’s menu reflects more “normal” eating, a little bit of what I fancy but not overboard and not being greedy.

Due to Friday and Saturday’s excesses I didn’t think I had lost any weight at all. I was pleasantly surprised then, to discover my 1.5lb loss!

Yesterday was another Fast Day – much easier when I am at work! I will keep you posted with my progress….. Crummy Hubby is now on beard and trying it too – he had better not lose more weight than me! Grrrr!

I am vowing to be better with my late night snacking this week. My ongoing craft projects may get a boost!

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