Saturday, 6 June 2015

Save our NHS

Last weekend Miss Bags and The Wilburbeast were wrestling. Nothing unusual in that... Only this time Miss Bags decided to slam dunk The Wilburbeast into the coffee table.

We were having dinner. The weans were supposed to be watching Disney Junior. Next thing The Wilburbeast comes running in, howling. Now I mean proper howling, in pain. I immediately lifted him and hugged him, stroking his hair. I thought he was sweaty from the wrestling, and it wasn't until I took my hand away I saw the blood. Crummy Hubby and I had shared a bottle of vino, we're probably over the limit. With Crummy Hubby cradling The Wilburbeast (who by this time had almost stopped bleeding) and fielding questions and apologies from an increasingly hysterical Miss Bags, I did the only thing I could... I phoned Daddy!

Mum and Dad rocked up in record time, and agreed The Wilburbeast's head needed looking at. The bleeding had stopped, he wasn't knocked out and he was coherent; so we knew he didn't need an ambulance. Dad and Crummy Hubby drove him to the local Minor Injuries Unit.  

He was seen within the hour and his head was glued back together.  First class service from the NHS.

All this got me thinking. With all the issues in the media of late about how the government will destroy the NHS and how the NHS is over-run... and inspired by a thread on my local community Facebook page where people were saying how difficult it is to get a GP appointment.... I started thinking  maybe we all need to think about how we all use OUR NHS....

I think this poster says it all really.

In our case last weekend Minor Injuries was definitely the right choice.  Had The Wilburbeast been knocked out or we hadn't been able to stop the bleeding then it would have beeen A&E or an ambulance!

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