Thursday, 25 June 2015

The green trousers (style tips from Crummy Hubby!)

So, it's been hot lately... Glorious sunshine by day, but a bit muggy at night. So I treated myself to some new summer pyjamas. Shorts and a vest. Nothing too outlandish I thought.....

Well, until Crummy Hubby clapped eyes on them. First there was the disbelief that I'd bought yet MORE pyjamas (the drawer is already bursting at the seams and I have to do a season swap where the winceyette wonders get hidden under the bed in April!) Second there was his opinion on the fabric..... "They look like curtains.", he declared. "Or cushions..." 

Here is the offending fabric:

Nice and summery I thought. I told him
so. "Well I think it looks like cushions, " he maintained. 

It's the green trousers all over again!!!! 

I had a green pair of trousers. I loved my green trousers. When Crummy Hubby and I were just about going out back in the year dot I wore these trousers. I made the fatal mistake of asking his opinion about my appearance. "They're a bit GREEN...", he opined. 

So keen was I to continue to impress this man who was to become my hubby, that I never ever wore the trousers again. (Did I mention I loved those trousers?) They were consigned to the charity bag.

I am pleased to say, that now I have successfully ensnared my hubby, I no longer care as much for his fashion advice... Especially when floral pyjamas are concerned! 

So There!

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