Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I don't know how he does it.....

Last week I was on a course at work.  This has meant that instead of heading into work at 7am, Crummy Hubby has gone in early, and I have picked up the mantle of the school-run and nursery drop off.  Together  with some careful planning and help from family and other school-run mums we thought we had it covered..... Best laid plans hey?! 
Here's a flavour of the week's early morning antics - Crummy Mummy style!
Monday - What a fab and relaxed morning.  I even managed a "lie-in" by Monday standards, and got up at 7:30.  The weans were up and breakfasting, and everything was under control.  We had arranged for Pops to be on Miss Bags school pick-up duty, and there is no nursery for The Wilburbeast on a Monday, he stays at home with Nonna, so Crummy Hubby and I were able to both work normal days (roughly 9-5).  After work, Miss Bags had swimming, I sorted out the nursery bags for Tuesday, put them in the car, left myself a post it reminder for the morning, and prepared dinner. This is easy I thought!
Tuesday - Things were more fraught this morning!  We had arranged for Miss Bags to go to a friends house, and then onward to school with them after I had dropped The Wilburbeast at nursery, but I had an early morning text message saying that he was ill!  Love her, my friend said she would still take Miss Bags in for me as her husband was at home, but I didn't want to put her out.  So we had a wee last minute replan, where I would drop The Wilburbeast at nursery, then head to work, Crummy Hubby would grab Miss Bags in the car park , and then head to school and onwards to his hospital appointment. Phew.  Crummy Hubby goes to work at 7. I'm just about to get in the shower, when The Wilburbeast wakes up and yells for Daddy.  He chucks a strop because not only am I not Daddy but  I am also not dressed.  He won't get up until I have my pyjamas back on.  A towel just won't cut it.  At this point, my alarm had gone off... so The Wilburbeast is yelling, Miss Bags is getting dressed, the shower is running, BBC Breakfast is blaring, my radio alarm is playing merrily to itself and my phone is beeping.  Not such a relaxed atmosphere this morning!  Back in my pyjamas, I get The Wilburbeast up and sort him out with milk and breakfast.  Miss Bags is breakfasting, and I can shower in peace!  I am mentally congratulating myself (high-fives all round!) on being so prepared and getting all the bags and stuff in the car the night before and running through a list of things I need to do..... OK, so all I have to do is get The Wilburbeast dressed and get all the children in the car, and leave.  I’m just allowing myself a wee few minutes respite when suddenly....  “Oh shit,  he needs lunch!”  Now I have NO IDEA what The Wilburbeast has for lunch at nursery, I never make his lunch.  I know it will revolve around a butter sandwich but what else?  I had to text  Crummy Hubby.  Finally, everyone made it to where they needed to be!
Wednesday – well this was OK, because Crummy Hubby was at home to help with all the morning hysteria.  Phew.
Thursday – I was more organised this morning. I was however, foiled by the Infant School and their failure to open the door at 08:45 for drop off.  Don’t they know I have to be at work for 9!  Those extra few minutes in the morning really do count at rush hour!  It then took me 30 minutes to battle across the traffic to work, a journey that usually takes 15 min, tops.  I guess I am spoiled by the fact that I miss all the traffic starting at 7.
Friday – this was the day that the wheels finally came off!  All I had to do was get The Wilburbeast to his friend’s house by 08:15, and get Miss Bags to school.  I pre-empted the “No, I SAID DADDY!” hysteria by leaving The Wilburbeast to his own devices while I showered, and once he’d calmed down, he went downstairs and had milk.  Despite getting Universal Free School meals at Infant School, Miss Bags has decided she hates their chips and wanted a packed lunch.  Crummy Hubby had pre-empted that and already made her sandwich, so all I had to do was sling it in the lunchbox.  We’d packed  football kit, and a wee bag of clothes for The Wilburbeast the night before, so it should have been just a case of all getting in the car.  How wrong I was…. I spent an inordinate amount of time running up and down the stairs getting jumpers, locating GymTots T-shirts, and looking for various members of the cast of Cars.  In fact, there was SO much chaos, Miss Bags declared she was worn out just watching me....!  (While standing there at 07:55 in her PYJAMAS! - just bloody get dressed will you!)
  • I forgot to turn the TV off
  • I forgot to give the weans breakfast (The Wilburbeast had a pancake in the car, and not-so Crummy Hubby had thankfully given Miss Bags cereal)
  • I forgot to implore the weans to clean their teeth (so they didn't!)
  • I didn’t do Chloe’s hair before I left  (thus requiring  another mad dash upstairs for a brush and a bobble)
  • I forgot The Wilburbeast’s coat……  Guess what – it rained! 
On top of all that, Miss Bags spent the journey to school listing my shortcomings for that morning (see above), and she and The Wilburbeast have decided that I am rubbish in the morning and they want Daddy back because he is more organised  (I’m funnier apparently though!)
I'm looking forward to next week when normal service will be resumed…..

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