Monday, 18 May 2015

Birthday Cake Madness.....

The middle of March to the middle of May is filled with 3/4 of the birthdays in the Crummy household. In fact, with his birthday finishing 3 minutes before Miss Bags was born the day after; poor Crummy Hubby often is overlooked on his birthday!

So, the birthday run starts with Crummy Hubby and then Miss Bags, followed 9 weeks later by The Wilburbeast.

Crummy Hubby had a meal out. Mexican and cocktails.  No cake.  No Party.

Miss Bags had a gymnastics party, complete with the European Sandwich Mountain (I always over cater... Never let it be said you leave my house/party hungry!) and a Captain America cake.

Who would have thought, 6 years ago when I made and iced my very first birthday cake, it would become a "thing"?  A thing that takes meticulous planning and thought, and keeps my overactive brain occupied from mid-Feb till mid-May. A thing that takes hours of research; I tell you, Pinterest is s wonderful place. A thing that requires food coloring stained hands and icing sugar dust all over the kitchen. And a thing that means I have to ask Mum to use her oven and promise not to make a big mess (as is my wont) ...

The Wilburbeast had a Bouncy Castle party in the garden, and he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake. Now, he meant a 3-D cake extravaganza, I had a more modest design in mind. My good friend Jo drew Buzz for me, and also traced it on to tracing paper. I used the tracing paper design to cut out icing shapes and create Buzz himself. 

I think it worked.... While it wasn't the life size Disney creation out of Madeira cake and icing, that The Wilburbeast wanted, he soon came round.  Mind you he was too busy bouncing on the bouncy castle with all his friends to pay the cake too  much attention.

I wonder what next year will bring...

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