Wednesday, 23 January 2013

One Fast Down…..

So, on Monday I started the 5:2 Diet. See Monday’s blog for more info as to why!

Here’s how it went…..

I decided to start on a day when I am at work, thinking that keeping busy would help me. I don’t usually have a huge breakfast anyway, as I start work at 7am and cannot face food before I get to work. Breakfast for me is usually some fruit or a yoghurt at 11ish! With that in mind, I decided that I would split my daily 500 calories between lunch and dinner with a rough 200/300 split.

I started my working day with a cup of black coffee and sweetner (not too bad as I normally only have a splash of skimmed anyway, and according to the guys I work with skimmed milk is just coloured water!) By 10am, I had started on a bottle of sparkling water. At 11am I was glad of the bubbles as they helped to keep my hunger at bay. Come 12:30 I was ready to eat my own arm! So I had my salad that I had dutifully prepared, all 61 calories worth, and a Clementine (31 calories). I had planned to have a Mullerlight Yoghurt for 91 calories with my lunch, but I didn’t het round to it! That afternoon I had Lady Grey tea with no milk, and I salivated all over the children’s fishfinger and chips dinner – but I dutifully scraped the leftovers into the bin (whereas before I would have sneaked them into my tummy!) and turned instead to my trusty sparkling water!

For dinner I had pasta with a vegetarian sauce (50g dried weight pasta, with a courgette, mushroom, garlic, onion, pepper and tomato sauce - all for 302cal) I had the Mullerlight Yoghurt for pudding instead.

All in all I consumed 485 calories, and drank lots of water. I’m keeping a count of my calories by using the My Fitness Pal app. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it, and although I was hungry, I was not unbearable! I didn’t feel light-headed or faint at all.

OK, I WAS in bed at 8:30pm – but that was because Miss Bags decided that she wanted to get in my bed. Crummy Hubby was on a late shift and this has become one of Miss Bags’ little foibles….. so in order to get her to sleep before 9pm on a school night I relented and clambered in next to her and watched TV. I fell asleep at my normal time of 10ish.; and I COULD have snuck next door and raided the chocolate stash hidden from Christmas – but I didn’t!

I was also a wee bitty naughty this morning, and stood on the scales (Once a week! I hear you all cry…. Yes yes, I know!) they showed a 2lb loss!

My next fast day is Thursday – wish me luck!

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