Saturday, 4 August 2012

Update on the Bucket List

Ok, so Miss Bags starts Big School in 5 and a half weeks, and that kinda marks the end of the "summer" (although I'm hoping for an Indian Summer to make up for the sogginess of July!) so I thought I'd check in and update the bucket list!

Here's a taste of what we've done so far:

Jumping in Muddy Puddles! - well, that was easy with all the rain we had... Great fun!

Have a waterfight! - Girls against boys it was, poor Wilburbeast didn't stand a chance; neither did poor, unsuspecting Crummy Hubby when he arrived home from work!

Send postcards! Ok they took 4 weeks to arrive from Spain, not just a case of mañana, more like el proximo mes!

We went to the beach in Marbs (didn't see any of the cast of of TOWIE thankfully!) built sandcastles and had ice cream!

Swimming! All day everyday on holiday!

Paddle in the ocean - well I went in.. No one else deigned to join me!

Planespotting! At the airport (and every opportunity!) we dropped Nonna and Pops at the airport and saw lots, saw lots while we were waiting for our flight, and last weekend when we saw friends, Miss Bags and her pals shouted "PLANE!" (or "AERO") every time they saw or heard one!

We've done lots of gardening, without it our garden would be like something out of day of the triffids, thanks to all the rain!

Watch the Olympics - what can I say?! Wow! I am proud to be British! Go Team GB!!!! But I must confess to a teensy crush on Ryan Lochte and SERIOUS abs envy of Jessica Ennis! Miss Bags has been spellbound by the swimming (she's too young to appreciate Lochte and is more interested in going SuperFast!), the gymnastics and the cycling! I think those stabilisers will be coming off this Summer!

And we're taking lots of photos!!

Other memorable events, that were not on the Bucket List this summer (so far!) are:

Miss Bags "graduated" from Pre-School. (sob!)

Miss Bags and I went school uniform shopping! (sob again!)

The Wilburbeast started to walk! No stopping him now!

Miss Bags and The Wilburbeast gained a new cousin! Yay!

We went to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard where great fun was had by all!

I finally got my cleaner, she's fab!

Signing off now, it's bath time, the Olympic Track Cycling is on, and there's more fun to be had tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a happy summer!

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