Friday, 10 August 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

There are some things I don't mind being passed on from mother to daughter (and from her mum before that)...

Great skin
Fairy cake recipe
Shepherds pie recipe
Ability to draw slightly odd looking cats and swans

However I am slightly alarmed of late to discover I'm actually turning into my mother.....!  

I say:

If the wind changes- you'll stay like that!
You're all right - accompanied by much cuddling, back rubbing, disentangling and setting upright again of said child who has just fallen off deck/shut fingers in door etc (I'm a hard woman - this will graduate into no sympathy as they get older!)
Take your coat off, or you won't feel the benefit
Becaue I'm your mother - and I said so!
I also have a song for everything and can often be found humming a little hum!

I'm doing:
Stock taking and rotation of the contents of my freezer (ok comon sense maybe - but how terribly "mum"!)
Tutting in shop queues of more than 2 people (how DARE they shop at the same time as me!)

I've even developed completely random hatred for TV personalities, places and entire nations during this Olympics! (maybe hatred is too strong a word, intolerances then...)

Carol Kirkwood
Weymouth (ok, that WAS mum and not me - god only knows what Weymouth has done to her!)
Nations - especially those who beat us at the Olympics! (short lived and sour-grapes!)

I'm able to take a step back and laugh at myself (and my mum!)  especially when Crummy Hubby or my dad point out our ever increasing likeness - I can comfort myself with the fact that if I have to turn into someone's mother, I'm glad I'm turning into mine! Its amusing if nothing else!  I'm looking forward to when Miss Bags starts turning into me!

That's all folks!


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