Monday, 16 April 2012

All by myself....

My hubby was unexpectedly taken in to hospital a few weeks ago.  He needed IV antibiotics to clear up an infection, and this meant a 3 night stay!

I can now honestly say I have a whole new respect for single parents, and forces wives.  How do they do it!

My sojourn into single-parentness was brief to say the least - but still no housework got done, no tidying was done and it was all I could do to stay on top of the clothes washing and keep the kids and I fed, watered and clean! It took a while to get back on top of it all as well....

I have to say this Miss Bags really helped me out a lot... she got herself dressed, helped look after the Wilburbeast, and there were NO tantrums.  None. At. All!

I guess had Crummy Hubby been away for longer, I would have had to get into more of a routine with housework, do online shopping from Sainsbugs, and in short just do what everyone else does and get on with it! 

Life in the Crummy household has settled back into what passes for normal here now, but everytime I feel like yelling at Crummy Hubby for not doing something (usually cleaning toilets), or not doing it "properly" I catch myself, and think of all this things he does do... and how lucky I am to have him.

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