Friday, 17 February 2012

Babies don't keep

We've been away to Scotland to stay with Granny and Grumpy for a few days... We had a great time, the M6 was not nearly as hideous as it can be, the kids loved seeing Granny, Grumpy and Disney dog.... not forgetting Auntie Carol and Uncle Ed.  Wee Maisie met her fifth great-grandchild for the first time... and let's just say the Wilburbeast was a complete Charmer! I was introduced to the wonders of Picquot Ware (but thats a whole other post!)

After a weekend of fun, family, friends and more food and wine than I should have eaten we returned home, some of us 4lb heavier.... all of us tired!  The big news while we were away is that two of our dear friends gave birth... to Baby Joshua and Baby Matthew.... congratulations guys - you know who you are!  With that news in mind, as I dashed about from pre-school, to supermarket, via cleaning the bathroom and washing yet MORE socks I was reminded of this.....

and I thought who cares if the washing isn't done yet, and the only food we have in is 2 week old broccoli and fish fingers.  I stopped rushing from pillar to post and thought, I'm supposed to be ENJOYING this.... not racing each day till bedtime!

We built a Lego house for Daddy even though he won't fit
We laughed at The Wilburbeast bouncing in the doorway
We all cuddled on the sofa before bed
We hula-hooped in the garden
We went for a walk to the swings
Miss Bags helped feed The Wilburbeast.
We had a great time!

While it is important for us to wear clean clothes, eat healthy food and live in clean houses, and OK, that does require doing housework, laundry and visiting the supermarket occasionally, I have decided I am going to enjoy, involve and appreciate my children everyday.... After all Babies Don't Keep!

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